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Region Apartments AmsterdamreviewsBe aware of scammer group that uses the name Region Apartments Amsterdam. Read this post.

If you are looking for Amsterdam apartment rentals, we can help you. Amsterdam is a beautiful city to stay whether long term or short term. This beautiful city in the Netherlands has a lot to offer like beautiful waterways, stunning architectures, and ancient history. There are many Region Apartments rentals to choose from – look somewhere and you will find. Some apartments are near the schools, museums, churches, and shopping areas.

There is wide range of accommodations that suits your needs. These Region apartments Amsterdam are fully furnished and meet the needs of tourists. Some apartments have hotel-like accommodation and become much preferred option for vacation or business trips compared to hotels. Lots of tourists around the world are booking for this type of accommodation whether online or offline. Unique and various facilities are offered to tourists here in Amsterdam.

The following are unique service facilities they can offer:

Free wi-fi throughout the facility

Lodgers have access to free wi-fi throughout their stay. No need to go out and find a place to access the internet because they have a fast access internet connection that can cater everybody. Upon check in, the front desk will give access to their internet connection and you are now ready to explore the online world.


The lodgings provide flat screen television to entertain the whole family. The stay is not boring because you can watch your favorite movies without paying huge money in the cinema. This amenity is favorable to children and includes seating area for viewing. There is also a private toilet and bathroom. Big families can occupy because some have 2 to 3 bedrooms.

Kitchen area

In this area, you can cook your own food throughout your stay. No need to go out and buy cooked food in the restaurants. You can cook healthy foods you like. The kitchen has a fitted oven and dishwasher, so you still feel like home.
The fridge, coffee maker and microwave are also provided to make sure you are comfortable.


Similar to a hotel, Amsterdam apartment rentals are complete with linens like towels, bed cover, duvet cover, pillows, shampoo, and bar soap. You don’t need to worry about the laundry, everyday; courteous personnel will change the beddings.

Roof terrace

It feels like home staying in an apartment in Amsterdam. Imagine having a cup of coffee in the terrace? That’s an awesome experience! While sipping your favorite coffee, you can view beautiful sceneries like museums, lakes, and other must-see attractions.

Private Parking Area

Guests can park their car safely and it is already included in the rental payment. You can drive anywhere in Amsterdam and can go home anytime you want. Not like in hotels that there are many restrictions during your stay. Here, your privacy is there commitment. Just like staying at the comfort of your home.

Accessible to public transport

Anywhere you want to go, you can access public transport if you have no car. No need of long walks toward the bus or train station.

Near to city attractions

No need to travel far if you want to amuse yourself. A few minutes of travel and you already visited several tourist attractions. Staying in an apartment can save you a lot of money than staying in a hotel. When renting this kind of accommodation, you are enjoying freedom like home. You can also enjoy privacy during your long or short stay. Booking your stay at Amsterdam apartments rental means privacy and flexibility of your own errand. Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam

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